The National Black Church welcomes you to our newly launched clinical trial online portal, developed by African-Americans for African-Americans to provide education, information, and resources on the importance and the benefits of participating in clinical trials. NBCI developed this portal so that the African-American community can have a one-stop resource that houses information on clinical trials that is culturally competent, factual, and regularly updated as new developments in clinical research occur.

The NBCI clinical trial online portal is part of our innovative, science-based clinical strategic plan to promote clinical trials among traditionally underrepresented groups of African-Americans and Latinos. Increasing the involvement of African-Americans and Latinos within clinical trials serves as a conduit for improving the long-term effectiveness of medical prescriptions and treatments to combat leading chronic diseases (i.e. COVID, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes).

The theme of this plan is that NBCI is ushering in a new ERA concerning African-American participation in Clinical Trials, and we are turning the corner on The Tuskegee Experiment and other medical abuses with all lessons learned for the future.

The NBCI National Clinical Strategic Plan (NCTSP) is a comprehensive program poised to enhance understanding, education, and participation of African-Americans and Latinos and usher in a new era concerning the disproportionate representation of African-Americans and Latinos in clinical trials. Particularly given the documented medical abuses of African-Americans involved in the historic Tuskegee Experiment, the NCTSP engages access to 27.7 million African-Americans and Latinos with integrity, confidentiality, and health standards-based protocols.

Test your Knowledge on Clinical Trials by visiting the clinical trials booklet.

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