Clinical Trials Field Trips

NBCI is engaged in an all-out, 14-city initiative to motivate African Americans to participate in clinical trials. NBCI’s Clinical Trials Field Trip program provides interested individuals an opportunity to participate in a field trip to a clinical research site, speak to clinical researchers, and learn about the processes of participating in a clinical trial.

NBCI hopes to motivate African Americans to participate in clinical trials by speaking with clinicians about the basic elements of clinical trials and their enormous benefits.

One of NBCI’s immediate goals is to improve African American health outcomes through education, awareness, and clinical trial participation so that our communities will not be drastically affected when health calamities such as the COVID-19 pandemic occur.

The below are a list of teaching hospital and research centers that NBCI may potentially work with:

  1. New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
  2. University of Maryland General Clinical Research Center, Baltimore, MD
  3. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

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