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NBCI Clinical Trials Lecture Tour Videos

1. A Historic Analysis of Medical Abuses and Promises of the Future

2. Understanding Clinical Trials and Sickle Cell Disease

3. Rev Evans Hosts “Getting Control of Colorectal Cancer in the Black Community”

4. Rev Anthony Evans Discusses the Need for Black Co-Investigators in Clinical Trials

5. Rev. Evans Discusses Issues in Recruitment for Clinical Trials w/Dr. Fabian Sandoval

6. The Role of African-American Physicians to Enroll African-Americans in Clinical Trials

7. Rev. Anthony Evans Co-Hosts Lecture: "Why Health Disparities Are Everyone's Problem"

8. The state of Covid-19 in the African-American community…

9. Kidney Disease Awareness | Primary Care

10. Alzheimer's Caregivers | Primary Care

11. Breast Cancer Genetic Testing | Primary Care