The goal of the NBCI Interactive Clinical Trials Portal is to offer a centralized location with critical information about how to improve the health outcomes of African-American and Latino communities. Access to such information will ensure their awareness of critical features, benefits, and challenges of what clinical trials entail.

The website particularly provides scientific facts and data-driven information that may positively influence the viewpoints of African-Americans and Latinos regarding their participation in clinical trials. The website attempts to demystify any misconceptions about clinical trials of African-Americans and/or Latinos. The website further seeks to support the understanding of African-American and Latinos about what is needed to answer questions, seek information, and approach toward gaining important insight about overall health outcomes.

In effect, the NBCI Interactive Clinical Trials Portal is poised to enhance the level of participation of African-Americans and Latinos in clinical trials and their subsequent acceptance of clinical trials as a viable option.

Our goal is to encourage every one of our 27.7 million members to complete this course on Essential Tools for Participation in Clinical Trials

As an example. a 2020 report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration showed:

Diversity Statistics

Description of the Clinical Trial Course for African-Americans

Diversity Participation

The course, Essential Tools for Participation in Clinical Trials, has been developed for African-Americans and Latinos to help them navigate and understand the benefits and risks of clinical trials.

Five learning objectives comprise this course:

  1. To expose historical and current trends involving the health status of African-Americans and Latinos. Students will review a 300-page booklet, as written for members of Congress, that details the health statistical picture of African-Americans and Latinos and why health continues to worsen under the current healthcare rubric.
  2. To utilize a video to show compelling issues involved with clinical trials and why African-Americans and Latinos need to consider it as a strategic health strategy. Students will be shown how a video can be used to generate attention to health in culturally relevant ways.
  3. To engage in an interactive booklet in learning the benefits and risks of clinical trials. Students will be engaged through an interactive booklet focusing on the benefits and risks of clinical trials.
  4. To highlight the need for a comprehensive website on clinical trial participation. Students will be shown how a website can be used as a research and teaching tool, particularly as it relates to clinical reference books focused on medical abuses of African-Americans and Latinos (i.e. the book Medical Apartheid by Dr. Harriet A. Washington).
  5. To demonstrate understanding of clinical trial participation using appropriate assessments (i.e. quizzes, essays, short answers). Students will be assessed using both formative (during the course) and summative (end of course) assessments.

Upon the completion of the course, Essential Tools for Participation in Clinical Trials, the students will receive a university-level certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum

  1. Review the Health Status of African-Americans through the Black Health Booklet
  2. Review NBCI KEY Educational Clinical Trials Videos and Take notes
  3. Complete the Interactive Booklet of Learning on The Benefits and Risks of African-American Participation in Clinical Trials
  4. Review the video on A Historic Analysis of Medical Abuses and Promises of the Future And Review Black Clinical References Books
  5. Take the Quiz and Earn a Certificate of Completion

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) welcomes you to our newly launched clinical trial online portal! The portal provides education, information, and resources on the importance and benefits of African-Americans participating in clinical trials. NBCI developed this portal so that the African-American and Latino communities and others interested can have a one-stop resource that centralizes information on clinical trials that is culturally relevant, factual, and regularly updated given emerging and current developments in clinical research.

NBCI Health Booklet of the Issues Surrounding Health Disparities, its' Concerns and Challenges Confronting African-Americans: Understanding Their Mortality and Morbidity by the Numbers.pdf [15.3mb]

This booklet will help you understand the health challenges faced by African-Americans and serve as a guide to members of Congress, their staff and others who need to understand the magnitude of challenges to Black health and the historical gaps leading to a lack of access to care.

The NBCI clinical trial online portal is part of our innovative, science-based clinical strategic plan to promote clinical trials among traditionally underrepresented groups of African-Americans and Latinos. Increasing the involvement of African-Americans and Latinos within clinical trials serves as a conduit for improving the long-term effectiveness of medical prescriptions and treatments to combat leading chronic diseases (i.e. COVID, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes).

If you want to understand more about clinical trials and the African-American and Latino communities, please view these three videos! (NBCI KEY Educational Clinical Trials Videos)

NBCI is ushering in a new era concerning the participation of African-Americans within clinical trials, particularly given the historic trauma resulting from the Tuskegee Experiment and other medical abuses. Thus, the NBCI National Clinical Strategic Plan (NCTSP), as a comprehensive program poised to enhance understanding, education, and participation of African-Americans and Latinos, focuses on reconciling the disproportionate representation of African-Americans and Latinos in clinical trials. Lessons learned from these traumatic occurrences provide us with the necessary insight about how to move forward with intentionality. The NCTSP is poised to provide access to 27.7 million African-Americans and Latinos with integrity, confidentiality, and health standards-based protocols.

Test your Knowledge on Clinical Trials by visiting the clinical trials booklet

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