Ranking of the Most Diverse Pharmaceutical Companies Clinical Trials Research Programs

The American Clinical Health Disparities Commission through NBCI Clinical Trial Strategic Plan has developed 15 objective criteria to rank pharmaceutical companies on how diverse and effective their clinical diversity programs are. This tool will help pharma companies strengthen their programs or underscore their program weaknesses. The pharmaceutical companies and industry are committed to having one of the most diverse transparent and effective clinical diversity programs to change the minds and attitudes of African-Americans so that they are committed to the highest possible ethical standards and diverse and inclusive clinical trial programs.

These 15 objective criteria were created by African-American clinicians who are a part of the pharmaceutical industry and believe that African-Americans should participate more in clinical trials. The criteria and ranking were created to give credibility and to help pharma companies gain credibility in their objectives to encourage and adhere to more diversity and inclusion in clinical trials.

The rankings also will help pharmaceutical companies with the forthcoming FDA regulation regarding that they must have a diverse clinical trial for their drug therapy to be approved. The 15 criteria were written along those lines to help the industry meet its regulatory and cultural mandate.

The success of the rankings will depend upon the cooperation of the pharmaceutical industries. The American Clinical Health Disparity Commission has created a 20-member team to evaluate each pharmaceutical company and where they fall in the rankings of their diverse clinical trial programs.