Survey Results: African-American Impression of the Pharma Industry

This is an extraordinary survey and the first of its kind to measure the attitude and dispositions of African-American impressions and concerns of the pharma industry. There is some anecdotal evidence besides the issue of drug education which has never been seriously administered to the African-American community that the attitudes of this community are predicated around the issue of drug adherence. There is ample evidence that the impression/trust in the pharmaceutical community has a direct impact on African-American participation in clinical trials.

The survey will also measure in a historic way the trust that African-Americans have in the healthcare industry. One of those areas that fuel the trust that African-Americans have in both the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and government is the opioid crisis. There can be no more sweeping evidence of this impression of African-Americans in the pharmaceutical industry of the ongoing COVID crisis concerning its vaccine and African-American apparent distrust in it.

The significance of this survey to twofold. One may very much conclude that all the issues cited in this forthcoming survey are that there is ample evidence that African-Americans are emotionally apprehensive and distrustful of the pharmaceutical industry. Secondly, what we have not done is drill deep down into why this is the case and what are some of the positive impressions or attitudes that African-Americans have but have simply never been measured.

This survey will also be groundbreaking because of its size. We plan to survey 150,000 African-Americans taking into consideration income, age, sex, geography, education, and other variables like whether are you presently on medication and whether are you taking your medication.